Christian Training Institute
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Our Classes

1. To earn a Standard Certificate a student must complete 6 classes from the following list.
2. To earn an Advanced Certificate a student must complete 12 classes from the following list.
3. To earn a Christian Minitries Dipolma a student must complete 18 classes from the following list.
4. To earn full credit toward a Dipolma in Pastoral Ministries and receive certification through L.A.M.P. a student must complete all 24 classes listing below including those for Pastoral Ministries.

CH-301 Church History I
B-101 How To Study The Bible
CE-404 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship
CH-302 Church History II 
CE-402 Christian Education
B-107 Book of Romans 
 D-201 Bible Doctrine I  
B-102 Old Testament Survey
CE-404 Marraige & The Christian Family
D-202 Bible Doctrine II 
B-103 New Testament Survey
CE-500 Speech & Communications
M-501 Christian Missions
B-104 Life of Christ
PS-607 Effective Worship
M-502 Cults & World Religions
CE-501 Problem Solving and Conflict Management
PS-608 Church Growth
Pastoral Ministries Classes 
PS-601 Homiletics I (Sermon Preparation)
PS-602 Homiletics II (Sermon Delivery)
PS-603 Pastoral Ministry
PS-604 Church Administration
PS-605 Biblical Counseling
PS-606 Christian Ethics & Contemporary Issues