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Our Attendance and Grading Policies

Christian Training Institute

Grading Policy
Assignments (weekly reading and others)=30%,
and Final Exam=20%

Attendance Policy
Prompt and regular class attendance is considered necessary for the student to make the greatest possible progress in a course. Attendance policies are spelled out in the syllabus for each course in which the student is enrolled and should be followed to insure success.

All reasons for absence should be submitted as soon as possible to the instructor. This should be presented in advance if possible. The satisfactory explanation of absences does not in any way relieve the student from responsibility for the work of his course during his/her absence. It will be the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor for missed assignments and make up work. Class attendance will count for 50 % of your final grade. Each absence will deduct your final attendance grade by 1/12.

If a student is absent for more than the attendance policy allows, which is 3 absences, he/she must give reason to the instructor, which shall be brought forth to the Board of Directors for review.

Financial Policy
All books must be paid upon receiving them, unless other arrangements have been made. Tuition may be paid throughout the semester however all accounts are payable before the end of the semester and to receive full credit for the course.

Withdrawal from class
Students must follow the proper procedures when withdrawing from a class at CTI. The registrar will make a final settlement of financial obligations for the class from which the student is withdrawing.
Refunds will be as follows:
1. Refunds are 100% for courses canceled by the institution.
2. Official refund for withdrawing from a class is:
75% after the first week of classes
50 % after the second week of classes
25 % after the third week of classes
3. A full refund (100%) will be provided on behalf of a student whose death occurs during the term.
4. All book purchases are final.
5. All accounts are due at the end of each semester.